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Book Hailed as "Highest Standard of Truth"

Disarming Deadly Doctrines

Stop Sickness in its Tracks with

Head-Smacking Revelations of God's Will


By Award-Winning Author

Kemala B. Tribe 


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During my severe cardiac episode, my wife decided to ask Jesus to heal me.  She had spoken with Kemala Tribe (author) about divine healing, and  she'd learned that I did not have to have faith to be healed!  She told me she could have faith for me.  I was very skeptical, but it  happened!  The doctor confirmed it -- my heart is healed.  I'm telling everyone how God healed me, even with no faith on my part!

Stephen D.Mason

Retired Hospital Administrator

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His will for you is better than you can imagine. 

God wants to reveal His head-smacking truths to you today, and this book is loaded with those chain-breaking revelations.

With This Book You Will:

✔️ Break through the veil that hides Truth.

✔️ Determine if what you believe about yourself is different than what God says about you.

✔️ Un-learn erroneous teachings that lurk behind our inability to receive.

✔️ Identify assumptions that obscure the goodness of God. 

✔️ Read the chain-breaking truth about Timothy’s "infirmities", Paul’s thorn, and Jesus’ "failure" to heal in Nazareth.

✔️ Learn how what you believe about sin may be keeping you sick.

✔️ Discover mind-renewing truths, hidden for centuries by the “traditions of men.”

                        ✔️ Understand how and why you can have a future free of infirmity.


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Archie Southern, Evangelist

This is a must read for believer and non-believer alike. Full of Healing Truth, you will find nuggets to receive your healing, and truths to minister to others. Kemala Tribe hits the bulls eye with this insightful and easy to read book.


Pastor Beth Bonner Th.M.

This book is faith-building, inspiring, informative, and most of all it reaches the highest standard of truth....making the scriptures come alive and work on your behalf. These writings put the practice of everyday and unfailing faith within the believer’s grasp. Kemala Tribe

has so much experience to share. I wouldn’t miss reading a book by this woman of faith.

pastor beth.jpg

Shontesha Price, Author

I know this book was written for a time such as this when we need faith in God like never before. I know that God has breathed on this work. Every eye that reads it will truly be empowered, and have their hearts set on fire to believe and receive the promises of God.  


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