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During a severe cardiac episode, I was transported to the hospital by ambulance, shocked and admitted to the cardiac unit. It was a very serious situation. My wife said I looked awful. I had not eaten for two days, had not gotten out of bed since being admitted, and they had no plans to discharge me as I was not improving. The doctor began to think I had suffered further heart damage during the ablation a few weeks earlier. My wife was very concerned. She had recently spoken with Kemala Tribe about divine healing, so decided to ask Jesus to heal me. I was highly skeptical. She told me I didn’t have to have faith, that she would have faith for me. I woke up the next morning hungry and feeling ready to go home. I went for a walk while the nurse got my breakfast. My wife said my color was back. She told the doctor that God had healed me.  I felt great and started telling everyone how God healed me, even with no faith on my part! Three months later, the doctor confirmed it by test results -- my heart is healed! 

Stephen D Mason

Retired Hospital Administrator

Referrig to Disarming Deadly Doctrines  -- Stop Sickness in its Tracks with Head-Smacking Revelations of God's Will

This book was just what I needed to read at this time in my life. My husband is sick and I was doubting if my faith was strong enough for God's healing. It opened my mind to how the Bible should be interpreted concerning healing. I recommend it for everyone. - Amazon Customer

A note from Kemala: God told me to write How Many Miracles is One Person Allowed -- Extraordinary Accounts from an Ordinary Christian, because, He said, "People need hope now." Well, here's a great example of that hope at work. A friend gifted a copy to a person she barely knew. He serves the homeless in her neighborhood with bag lunches every day.  When she saw him again the following week, he told her he was ADDICTED to the book. She told me he was even quoting from it! Imagine the hope he is now conveying to the homeless people he has contact with every day. God is for EVERYONE and FOR everyone. That is the true reason for hope.

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