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During a severe cardiac episode, I was transported to the hospital by ambulance, shocked and admitted to the cardiac unit. It was a very serious situation. My wife said I looked awful. I had not eaten for two days, had not gotten out of bed since being admitted, and they had no plans to discharge me as I was not improving. The doctor began to think I had suffered further heart damage during the ablation a few weeks earlier. My wife was very concerned. She had recently spoken with Kemala Tribe about divine healing, so decided to ask Jesus to heal me. I was highly skeptical. She told me I didn’t have to have faith, that she would have faith for me. I woke up the next morning hungry and feeling ready to go home. I went for a walk while the nurse got my breakfast. My wife said my color was back. She told the doctor that God had healed me.  I felt great and started telling everyone how God healed me, even with no faith on my part! Three months later, the doctor confirmed it by test results -- my heart is healed! 

Stephen D Mason

Retired Hospital Administrator

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