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Pearls for Such a Time

Revelation is better than experience.

We often think leaders shouldn't teach what they haven't experienced. Consider Caleb and Joshua. Neither had been to war before, yet they had the revelation that they could take the land because God was with them. Consider Paul. He never walked with Jesus the way the disciples did. Yet Paul was given revelation like no other man, and all the disciples had to learn from him. Sometimes God gives us messages and revelations to share, whether we've lived it out ourselves yet, or not.

The Book
So many miracles I filled a book -
then I added 5 more!

2nd Edition



-- Previously titles Everyday, God. --

Whatever it takes, God will do -- to heal, protect, and prosper you in every way.

36 exciting miracles performed for one ordinary person?!  It's proof God wants to be powerful in your everyday life...


And how to let Him.

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"I laughed, I cried...I love this book."

"Impossible to put down."

"With every turned page I felt closer to God."
“These testimonies are amazing.
A fresh way to look at what God wants for me and can do for me.”

"Hope-inspiring and faith-rejuvenating." 

Book One
Stop Sickness in its Tracks with
Head-Smacking Revelations
of God's Will

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Clip from Upcoming Audiobook

Why do some get healed while others beat us to heaven? Could you still be ill just because you've believed a lie that has infiltrated the church? Having experienced  both extremes – being healed of the incurable, and the death of her husband – Kemala Tribe spent three years scouring the scriptures, listening to God and dissecting innumerable teachings, to bring you the answers you long for. You need proof straight from God to settle these questions once and for all, and that proof is in this book! 

-  Break through the veil that hides Truth.

-  Determine if you have beliefs that run counter to what God says about you.

-   Un-learn erroneous teachings that lurk behind our inability to receive.

-   Identify numerous assumptions Christians have fallen into, that cloud our         perception of God’s intentions toward us.

-   Uncover the chain-breaking truth about Timothy’s infirmities, Paul’s thorn, Jesus’ failure to heal in Nazareth and other common teachings.

-  Learn how what you believe about sin may be keeping you sick.

-  Discover mind-renewing truths, hidden for centuries by the “traditions of men.”

-  Learn how and why you can have a future free of sickness and disease.


Get the facts from God Himself. He alone has the right to say what His will is. He wants to reveal His head-smacking truths to you today, and this book is loaded with those flip-the-switch nuggets. The author uses frank conversational style with a dash of humor and captivating storytelling, to show you the proof of divine health in the Word.  She’s excavated the scriptures and dusted them off to make them simple for you to apply in your life, right now. Click the Purchase link to the left and read Disarming Deadly Doctrines -  Stop Sickness in its Tracks with Head-Smacking Revelations of God's Will. Read it for yourself or read it for your loved ones, then share it with everyone. Healing may be only minutes away.

178 pages

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Kemala Tribe hits the bulls-eye with this insightful

and easy to read book...a must-read for believer and

non-believer alike.

Archie N. Southern

Evangelist & Author

Works in Progress

 Upcoming in the Head-Smacker Series      
Debunking Deceptive Doctrines 
Doctrines of Demons 
Study Guides 

How Many Miracles is One Kid Allowed?

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About the Author

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Kemala circled the world a few times with her ship’s captain husband and their son, before landing on a tiny island off the west coast of Canada – quite a change from back home in Georgia. Raised in Southern Baptist and Methodist persuasions, then adding Pentecostal in-laws into the mix, Kemala determined to believe only God’s word, not Man’s.  This decision brought an awakening to scriptural truth.


After her husband’s death, Kemala turned her writing skills to the questions surrounding divine healing, or lack of it, from the perspective of taking God at His word. His Word, after all, is the only truly trustrworthy word there is.The stunning truths uncovered gave rise to The Head-Smacker Series, which focuses on divine healing in Book One and will address common assumptions in other subject areas in the following volumes. Kemala practices what she preaches, having ministered dozens of healings and deliverances.


In 2022, God moved Kemala back south to Milton, FL, where she and her hound dog Jerry Lee are blogging and working on Book Two in the Head-Smacker Series. Check out the Be Positive blog through the navigation bar (top of page) for short revelatory articles.


Just so you know, Kemala is pronounced with the same cadence as Pamela.

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